Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here I am!

My guru marketing son finally convinced me it was time to start blogging. I kept thinking there were too many blogs and too little time. But I've been asked by enough avid readers & writers, and nudged by those in the know, until I was pushed off my little twig.

Now, if you'll join me, let's soar together as I share a writer's life with you. We'll look at some of my most popular characters, antagonists and protagonists! You'll see how wicked my mind can be and why I keep listening to a CD, 101 Ways to Commit Murder, over and over again. You'll see the rocky road and tough spine it will take to get published. Less than one percent of persons that say they are going to write a book actually FINISH it! But, alas, that's the easy part. It's like giving birth to a baby. Now that you have it, the work has only begun, and so has the joy, the nurturing, and the love!

Today I'll share with you what most already know. Last year was the worst year in my life. I shut down. I could barely focus enough to write emails to my closest inner circle of family and friends.

But that is behind me and I vow never to do this [to myself] again.

I am like a candle. All writers are, I should think.

If there is no flame, the candle is still a candle. True to its nature. Its purpose. The core of its being stands ready to be lit afire. But it can only bring mesmerizing intrigue and enchantment when two things happen. Always. It must be set afire. And the flame must be witnessed. This then fullfills its simple purpose. Its destiny.

BTW, for those whom frequent my website, it is slowly being revamped but a lot of its content will be posted here.

Next up I'll share an amazing letter of recommendation I have as I begin my search for a new literary agent.

My candle is lit. Come fly with me!


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