Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Laura Williamson, Charron Vineyards, is a Master Sommelier here in Southern Arizona. Read her following quote and insert your work, your labor of love, your passion—inside my parentheses.

“Even though [winemaking] appears a simple measure…it is certainly one of the most tedious, unforgiving passions that can either fulfill or exhaust one’s desires.”

Wow. I love those words! Isn’t it so true for all of us that have found our passion in work? A writer would not write without passion. Sure, reporters are assigned stories they could give a rat about, and some fiction writers are persuaded into a story line that will sell rather than one that stirs their hearts, but writing is, by its nature, a labor of love. It isn’t glamorous. We sit alone at a keyboard for hour after hour but not counting, and the only thing in real time we recognize is that the necessity of eating and going to the bathroom becomes an annoying interruption.

Did you know that less than one percent of all persons that say they are going to write a book actually finish it?

I wish you a passion that will both fulfill and exhaust you.

                                                               Arizona Skylight. by lala corriere

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