Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bye Bye Borders.

Many of you know I hail from Denver.

Years ago I experienced a wonderful itsy-bitsy and mostly used book store called the Tattered Cover. I was an interior designer working just a few doors down, in Denver's upscale area known as Cherry Creek.

The original Tattered Cover offered a great musty smell, most likely off of ancient books and even more ancient upholstered chairs crammed into corners and impassible aisles.

The Tattered Cover blossomed into several bookstore locations in the Denver area. It's a wildly independent success story, although they have had to modify/change locations/cut square footage along the way as they learned what works. Those musty chairs have long been replaced with comfy seating fit for a king. Or a serious reader.

The demise of Borders? We knew it was coming and yet it's sort of like the death of someone close to us that we knew to be terminally ill. The death still shocks us.

Do you know the story of the eagle?
It can live for about 70 years, but in mid-life it must face a fact. The eagle's beak is worn down, bent, and useless. It's talons, the same. It is weighted down with old and too large of feathers.
At about the age of 40 the eagle will die unless it CHANGES. He first breaks down his beak, often upon rocks, and the beak will rejuvenate itself. And with his new beak he bites and pulls apart the old talons, and new talons grow. With the new talons he is able to pluck the old and useless feathers from his body.

And the eagle will soar. For about another 30 years!

End of my story. End of my blog. You get it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Ecstasy is in the Agony?

Yes! Sometimes the ecstasy is IN the agony!

Writer's block? Plot fracture? Missing perfect word?

I have a great team surrounding me and my writing career. CP's, beta readers, marketing geniuses and business gurus. And yet sometimes in my agony I'm gonna duke it out myself. Color me stubborn.

It's akin to searching for hours for a piece of the jigsaw puzzle. You know it's shape, at least one side of it. You have an idea of colors. You have a FEEL for what you are looking for, and yet someone walks up to your puzzle board, lifts off the piece from the pile of misfits, and snaps it into place without thought. You are left unsatisfied. And why? Your puzzle is on the road to completion!

I dunno. I'm not the shrink. I just know sometimes we need help. Most times. But sometimes we have to come up with our own puzzle pieces. All by ourselves.