Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Evolve, You Must Begin

'Insist on yourself. Never imitate.'

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Orange Dog is evidence of Mother Nature's sense of humor. Take a peek at this hideous prehistoric looking thing! He is feeding on the leaves of my lemon tree, which already struggles like Charlie Brown's sorry Christmas tree. At first I thought it was a fungal growth on the tree, but then I noticed its beady eyes staring at me. When I dared to encroach on his territory the orange horns (osmeterium) emerged and he let out a ghastly stink bomb!

Here's the amazing part. This guy will evolve into the breathtaking Giant Swallowtail butterfly!

While you begin your art as a writer, a painter, a doctor or Indian chief, your work will imitate life. This is the way.
What isn’t the way is to let your work imitate your self.
When you are true to self your work will evolve. This is nature’s way. You will grow. Learn. Live. Flourish.
Your ugly will become beautiful.

And one more thought.
Know when you have your butterfly. Write ‘the end’. Put your paints away. Draw up that contract.
Today I wish you lessons from Mother Nature.

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  1. Amazing and beautiful and really, really good advice.