Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Isn't Always About Apples

"The most important things are the hardest to say,
because words diminish them."     — Stephen King

How are those New Year resolutions working for you?

Here’s a quick exercise I developed to help me stay on my writing path. It also helps me stay on my ‘me’ path. With repeated use I:

• Stay on track with progress

• Identify roadblocks

• Document the inevitable evolution of goals

• Evaluate my platform, strengths & weaknesses

• Solidify my visions & values

• Understand ‘ME’ and my journey

Lala’s Ladder is simple to climb!

  1. Identify the area in your life you would like to explore. It might be your career, your marriage/relationship, your financial or physical well-being.
  2. Write out the letters of the alphabet, single-spaced. twice.
  3. Take your first alphabet list. Using the area you identified in step one, go through the alphabet [I encourage you to do this quickly] and assign the first word that comes to mind starting with the letter A, B, C... Write down all the good stuff. What you value and are trying to achieve.
  4. Take your second sheet and write down your No-No's as they relate to your focus area.
  5. Date and save your answers.
  6. When the time is right for you—in a month, this summer, next year... do your alphabet words again BEFORE looking at your saved history. What has changed? What is currently on your mind, and what stands the test of all time for YOU?

No rules. Add sentences, alliterations, or multiple words as you like. It’s YOUR list.

Here’s a quick peak at my latest relationship ladder. JK! Here’s the start of my writer’s ladder:

My Good Alphabet

A Accuracy

B Boldly [go where no man has gone before]

C Cutting edge

D Determination

E Editing, evermore

My No-No Alphabet:

A Anonymity. Get myself into the scene or I can’t take my readers with me.

B Buts

C Criticism

D Delusions of Dialogue. Make it real.

E Ego. Get rid of it.

You get the idea.

Admittedly, X’s are tricky. I’ve heard rumor Sue Grafton is still hoping there will be a new crime that starts with X by the time she gets to it in her Alphabet Series. The only X words on my list are the good: Xanadu, and bad: Xeno, which is a good word for me when writing suspense. Go figure.

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